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Putting Chair (White Lacquered) on a Table

Chair (White Lacquered) was a made in 1993. It's an ordinary chair cut up with a band saw into small blocks. The video consists of the repetition of the act of me placing a hand full of blocks on a plinth. By doing so the work itself started to perform.


camera and editing Birgit Sterckx

made in the framework of the autors' Phd project

Dealing with Ordinary Form

Netwerk, centre for contemporary art, Aalst, BE

29.03 - 13.06 2015

Painting the Space of my Studio

The video consists of sequences of me painting a metal wire that hangs throughout the three rooms of my studio. I paint the line in different sections, and every section is represented by a shot. It’s like scanning the space and the contents of my studio at the same time. Painting the line turns the views of the studio into still lives.

When I composted the background for the video I used fragments of works to create a new perspective, to give an insight into my field of interest. The setting is like one big, spacious collage with fragments of works and try-outs for sculptures and installations. It becomes a frozen setting in relation to and in dialogue with the physical act of painting the line in space. Slowly painting the metal wire is like cutting open the space of the studio and by doing so showing it's content as a visual composition.


camera and editing Birgit Sterckx

made in the framework of the autors' Phd project

Dealing with Ordinary Form

Netwerk, centre for contemporary art, Aalst, BE

29.03 - 13.06 2015

Tracing Form

Facinated about the sound and the smouth movements of pencil tracings of furniture parts I started to film this act, placing myself between looking and making 



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