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marble, glass, mirror glass, wood

335 x 500 cm

Placing and Re-Placing

The composition of the installation Collection was achieved following a process of carefully looking for interesting positions by placing and re-placing the objects. It was a search for clear relationships between form and matter. I experienced the placing and re-placing of the objects as interesting acts. Handling these heavy but also fragile objects on the wooden platform felt like performing a choreography and composing a sculptural installation at the same time. I investigated this performing and composing act again in my studio by having a camera take a picture every 30 seconds while I placed and re-placed furniture parts, in the search for challenging compositions. I made a stop motion film of it, where the static quality of the composition is a nice counterpart to the spatial and physical handlings. My figure negotiates the composition through the handling of the objects.


Poster 3.jpg


To be able to remember the position of some of the objects, I started to trace them with a pencil. Very quickly, I began to appreciate the formal qualities of these line drawings . I investigated the forms of the furniture objects in relation to the forms of the tracings of those objects. I was particularly interested in the transparency of some of the glass objects, where the curves of the forms are more visible. The thickness of the glass creates lines; the glass objects establised a nice dialogue between each other and in relation to the lines of the tracings, revealing new information about their forms.

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