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photos top © Robin Zenner
photos under © David Mailaender

Playground 2023 

16.11.2023 - 19.11.23

Live Arts Festival at M Leuven and STUK, Leuven, BE

From Geometry to Materiality

a project by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek in the framework of Playground 2023

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek explores qualities of spaces, objects and materials. The presence of the human body defines scale, proportion and perception, introducing a poetry of the everyday. In the museum's lobby, Vangrunderbeek builds a carpet out of white sand and yellow sulphur. Gradually, a geometric pattern emerges, referring to the floor of the artist’s studio which has a similar tile motif. Similar to an artist’s studio, the sand carpet in M defines a zone for action and freedom. Carefully selected utensils are brought in relation with the fragility of the carpet. This reveals the performative qualities of the objects. Sometimes the actions are direct and rough, other times more delicate and restrained.

The slow and meticulous actions, executed with the highest focus, invite the spectator to witness the process of creation. What has been very carefully and slowly constructed is subjected to a dynamic momentum. The perfectly executed tile pattern disguises the materiality of the sand. For a short period of time, the geometrically ordered sand is in a state of abstraction, balance and order and invites to be activated.

During the festival, visitors will see the fragile landscape being carefully constructed, activated and dismantled.

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