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copyright photos: 1 - 4 Anke De Backer  5 - 12 David Mailaender

Performing Objects 

14.10.2022 - 14.12.22

at Cc Strombeek, Grimbergen, BE

From Chaos to Geometry and Back Again

a project by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek in the framework of Performing Objects at Cc Strombeek

Belgian artist Marc Verstockt's geometric sculpture in the pond in front of the Cc Strombeek originally stood in the cultural centre's courtyard. The sculpture was mobile; one could turn it. Unlike a sculpture to be viewed from a distance, here the sculpture was an object that could be activated and experienced from proximity. In the movement, the sculpture acquired a performative quality where aspects of light, shadow, volume, geometry start to show themselves differently. This original concept and the sculpture's current place in the pond with its fragmented reflections in the water inspired a research project based on Vangrunderbeek's own sculptural work. Performative qualities of fragments of sculptures and of material residues of installations are examined by relating them to the fragility of a sand carpet with geometric motif as well as to a 1:1 scale aspect of the artist's studio.

12.11.2022 performance at Cc Strombeek in collaboration with Wouter Krokaert 

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