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Etablissement d'en face, Brussels, BE



Project Table

mixed media 

300 cm x 150 cm x 88 cm,

Cut up chairs


vijf stoelen.jpg

Chair (Brown Lacquered)

dimensions variable


stoel (bruin gebeitst), 1993.jpg

Contemporary art from Brussels

with Gast Bouschet / Michel Clerbois /Michel Coutourier / Christoph Fink /Alain Geronnez / Luc Grossen / Djos Janssens / Aglaia Konrad / Juan Paparella / Marc Rossignol / Eric Stenmans / Robert Suermondt / Koen Theys / Dominique Thirion / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / Bernard Voïta

curator Anne Buckingham

advisers Luk Lambrecht / Claude Lorent

different public and cultural places in Glasgow, UK

31.10 - 21.11 1998


The Museum

In the Glasgow School of Art there is a room around the central staircase that used to serve as a museum for historical reference works. Over the years it lost this function and was converted into a gallery. A wall constructed of white-painted panels was placed in front of the original walls and the build in showcases. This intervention created a more or less neutral space within the historic building. The project The Museum is a 'mise-en-scène' that refers to the history of this space. Some of the many plaster casts of classical sculptures belonging to the art school are placed in the gallery where they were boxed in with white-painted panels. Parts of the sculptures project from the boxes.

Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, A



Vertical Cuts

mixed media

250 x 400 x  200 cm,

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Gallery Rodophe Janssen, Brussels, BE



Extension of a Gallery Table

foamwork panels, wood, table

Verlenging Gallerijtafel.jpg

photo credits Manfred Jade

Ici et maintenant

Tour & Taxis, Brussels, BE




secondhand furniture, chipboard

size variable

Magazin 2_bewerkt.jpg

photon credits Francis Jacoby

Choix de Bruxelles

Gallery Rodolphe Janssen

Espace Jacmotte, Brussels, BE



photo cretits Mafred Jade

Ane Vester & Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

CC Strombeek, Grimbergen, BE




The All in One Cabine


with Ane Vester

photo credits Francis Jacoby

Tabula "Er is alles in de wereld het is alles"

with Guillaume Bijl / Christian Boltanski / Michel Harleman /

John Körmeling / Erwan Mahéo / Mark Mander & Marije Langelaar / Phillipe Ramette / Roma Publications / Maria  Serebriakova / Jennifer Tee / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / Marthe Wéry

curator Phillipe Van Cauteren

Watou Poeziëzomer, Watou, BE

29.06 - 08.09 2002



Water Tables

Vangrunderbeek 2.jpg

photo credits Dirk Pauwels

Beam in Gallery Space

Gallery Vincenz Sala, Brussels, BE


Balk bij Vincenz Cala_bewerkt.jpg

photo cretits Mafred Jade

Beeld in Park

with Peter Buggenhout / Berlinde de Bruyckere / Dora Garcia /

Marin Kasimir / Koen Theys / Ludwig Vandevelde / Patrick Vandewyer / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / Luk Vansoom

Gemeenschapscentrum de Maalbeek, Brussels, BE

15.06 - 15.10 1994


Place(s) in the Parc

Installation with boxed in parc chairs. The boxes were placed on specific places in the parc as to point out specific qualities of the 19th century parc.

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