Groene Schijf.jpg

photo credits Jan Kempenaers

Green Shine

diameter 1300 cm

hight 50 cm - 140 cm

The installation was made of polyspan (formwork panels). It has different tones of green and there is the strong reflection of the polyester layer on it. On one side of the big, green disc, you looked down on it, as if you were looking at a landscape. There are the different green tones, there are lines in perspective and there is the reflection. The materiality of the polyspan creates an atmospheric experience. When you walked around it, it is was as if you were going behind the scene or under the surface, where the materials are more real. The installation as a whole was conceived as a disc that, in one single act, cuts through the spatiality of the cylindrical museum space. At the same time, it had something of a stage setting, where one could walk from the ‘front stage’ to the ‘backstage’.


Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

M HKA, Antwerp, BE

02.03 - 12.05 2002